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JA Projects - Keeping an Eye on your Construction in Jamaica . . .

Based in Duncans Bay, Trelawny, on the North Coast

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A site for people building in Jamaica, aimed at keeping an eye on your construction as you build your Jamaican dream home.

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We save you the time and expense of traveling to Jamaica when you are building in Jamaica.

By taking Photographs of your construction and posting it to your own database for your private use only.

Comments are made by you telling us where you would like the pictures taken and a overall view of work completed as the project continues. You are now in control of your construction at all times.

And what do we offer, a better peace of mind and less money spent traveling to and from the island allowing you to be more in control of your construction...

JA Projects has taken on some major building work for our clients over the years, there were a little concerned with the building projects they had to deal with. Using our website with our clients we were able to carry out the constructions as well as keeping them informed 24/7 with the work being done. See our DEMO.


Swimming Pool
Perspective Module Learn to be a Great Artist
Once you have mastered the skills of Perspective Drawing you will also find it easier to master 3D apps and the new Perspective Tool found in Adobe Illustrator CS5, as well as sketching and drawing in whatever media you use as an artist.

We are based in Duncans Bay, just 20 minutes from Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica

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